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Re: And the Winner Is.....(Henry's Ankles)

His Excellency Corun Writes:

>>Now why, when I envision Henry's favour, do I come up with the image of
>>a strip of cloth bearing a picture of that foot Terry Gilliam of Monty
>>Python used to such good purpose during the opening of each show? (that
>>was a rhetorical question, Henry ;-) Mayhaps a whoopie cushion comes
>>with the requested favour?
>>In service,
>>Corun (I know, I know. Laugh-a while you can, Monkey Boy.)

Beats what I had in mind:

A sock with Henry's colors

After all, once accomplishing this feat, the winner should allow Henry to put
the shoe on the other foot.

Saaral (In search of some calamine lotion)