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Pennsic is a cummin in

Laud sing Goddam! How the #$@! will I pack up all my gear!

Greetings from Yaakov,  trying to plan for Pennsic.  I sold my van and bought
a Saturn.  This works well most of the time.  However, as August approaches,
I sorely miss the old boy.

In any event, I had two thoughts and wanted to bounce them off the assembled
fellow travlers here at the Merry Rose.

1) I have contemplated renting a van or a U-Haul.  This would be more space
than I need.  It would also be more money than I would like to pay.  Is
anyone in the DC to Baltimore area interested in joint shipping?  I would be
planning to get to Pennsic the Friday before War Week.

2) That failing, does anyone have extra space for stuff?  Am willing to deal.

(Heck, I can't even get my *tent* in the trunk of my saturn.)