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Re: Pennsic is a cummin in

Yaakov writes:
> 1) I have contemplated renting a van or a U-Haul.  This would be more space
> than I need.  It would also be more money than I would like to pay.  Is
> anyone in the DC to Baltimore area interested in joint shipping?  I would be
> planning to get to Pennsic the Friday before War Week.
> 2) That failing, does anyone have extra space for stuff?  Am willing to deal.

Reb Yaakov,

Hie ye to a seller of bicycles and purchase a set of roof racks for your
Saturn. You will find that much of the heavy, flat stuff (like your tent)
can be put up there, leaving room inside for other necessities, like your
clothing and food. The first year I took the yurt to Pennsic, I owned a
Honda Accord hatchback. I got some roof racks (Thule brand) and attcahed
them. To put things in perspective, the yurt unfolds to 15' diameter by
about 9-10' high. I long since upgraded the hatchback to a station wagon,
but I still have and use the roof racks. They are invaluable.

In service,

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