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Re: Pennsic is a cummin in

Corun writes to Yaakov:

[Get roof racks]

Is good advice if it will be enough space. I've got a van and I still use 
roof racks to get all the junque I bring to Pennsic recently. For smaller 
events, I often use the roof racks on my Honda Civic. I did manage to pack 
gear and people for two for a three-week trip to Pennsic via California into 
my Honda using roof racks. (Admittedly Cyffaith folds up small...) YMMV. So 
roof racks are very useful, but the manufactured metal ones are a little 
expensive to buy. (Mine are Yakima, of which I've had very good 
performance.There are cheaper options, but they require rain gutters. Which, 
as I recall from Cyffaith's Saturn, are not available.) You will want to try 
to estimate how much stuff you will need to stick up on the rack and then 
estimate if it will fit at all. (IF (Answer = "no") THEN RoofRack4Pennsic := 
"Not Sufficient") If money is not an object, you might buy some anyway.

For everyone: Some hints on use of roof racks. (Ignore if you already know 
how): [1] 30 Gal trash bags are good for covering an armor bag or a tent bag 
of roughly the same size. Use two. One normally and the other over the first 
in the other direction. [2] Nylon strap tiedowns work REALLY well. 
(Available from REI.) They are much easier to use than rope and I can get a 
more secure tie-down using them. [3] Bundle long things (wooden tent poles, 
spears, polearms, etc.) together using bungee cords. Strap the bundle to the 
roof rack. The internal friction of the bundling will keep the individual 
long things from sliding forward/backward. The strapping keeps the bundle on 
the rack. [4] A bundle of long things on either side of the roof rack make 
good anchors for other things to tie to. Two smaller bundles used this way 
is more useful than one large. [5] It is better to tie several small 
portions to the roof racks individually than to try to tie the entire load 
at once. [6] After the first hour on the road, take up any slack that 
appears in your straps/ropes. (Some settling of contents may occur during 
shipment...) [7] Put all the weight on the roof racks. NOT on the roof 
between the racks. (You may ask where that dent in my van roof came from...) 
[8] Bring extra rope/tiedowns. You may buy things at the War.