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Re: Pennsic is a cummin in

Klaus/Troll/Nik writes:
> Corun writes to Yaakov:
> [Get roof racks]
> There are cheaper options, but they require rain gutters. Which, 
> as I recall from Cyffaith's Saturn, are not available.)  

And just to add my two florins:
  Check with your Saturn Dealership... The dealer offers permanently
installed roof racks for a couple hundred dollars (between 150 and 250
installed.)  The negative side effect is a permanent milage drop of a
couple MPG (from wind resistance.)
  (Anyone want to comment whether dealer installed roof racks are any
better than any other permanent one?  My Saturn is my first new car,
and my old one had LOTS of space inside...)

              Razmus d'Obscurite [AKA: the Innocent]
               AKA: Rich Weissler [azrael@access.digex.com]
                And as for the color of my toothbrush, 
                 its none of your business.
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