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Re: Pennsic is a cummin in

On Wed, 12 Jul 1995, Razmus the Innocent wrote:

> And just to add my two florins:
>   Check with your Saturn Dealership... The dealer offers permanently
> installed roof racks for a couple hundred dollars (between 150 and 250
> installed.)  The negative side effect is a permanent milage drop of a
> couple MPG (from wind resistance.)
>   (Anyone want to comment whether dealer installed roof racks are any
> better than any other permanent one?  My Saturn is my first new car,
> and my old one had LOTS of space inside...)
I want to know who your dealer is!  When I inquired at my dealer
about them, I was told more in the neighborhood of $500.  That's
one of the main reason I went with a Yakima, besides the fact 
that I can take it off when I need to.

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