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Mosquitoes at Pennsic

I want to add one, mildly off-beat but factual, thing to the 
excellent Pennsic how-to. In certain parts of the Pennsic camp
the mosquitoes are deadly enemies, rumored to team up and
carry off small children. There is a spiff solution to that
which will permit you to be nice and comfy and laugh at the

Vitamin B1 prevents mosquito bites. 

Okay, I know I sometimes post some silliness on this list; but
this is for real. Vitamin B1 is a water-soluble vitamin. Like
the entire bc complex of vitamins, you cannot get too much of this.
Excess B1 is harmlessly eliminated through urine and sweat.

That sweat is the key. Vitamin B1, in quantites exceeding your daily 
needs, makes you smell bad to mosquitoes. The smell (and taste) is
not detectable by humans.

I am told that drinking sekanjabin (sp) has a similar effect on
the bugs and has the virtue of being period. But humans can smell
sekanjabin drinkers. It's not unpleasant; but it is distinctive.

Mind you, extended camping will be a change in diet for you. You
should probably include a good multivitamin to compensate anyway.
For the purposes of this post, I recommend the "multi-mega" series
at GNC stores. The B/C quantity is insanely but harmlessly high
and they are time-release.

Start taking them now and you will already have that anti-bug
aroma when you arrive.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a doctor, a nutritionist, or a Saracen. 
I do not even play one on TV. Consult your common sense before
putting anything in your mouth.