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Re: Another Pennsic question

Greetings to ye of the Merry Rose!

My suggestion (as a 12-year veteran Girl Scout) would be the new 
(Eveready, I think) lanterns that run a REALLY bright light off of 4 AA 
batteries ... I believe these are generally yellow plastic cases, and 
they can be arranged to be "lantern" or "flashlight" ... of course, you 
could do something exceedingly fancy to them to make 'em look more 
period, if you want ...

If you do invest in these (they're much cheaper now than when I got mine) 
be *sure* you do not use them for extended periods of time ... I used 
mine to help a friend sew trim on her tunic on the ride to Estrella War, 
and midway through, the batteries got so hot that their cases melted and 
shorted out the darned thing ... the case of the lantern was not at all 
warm, but when I took the batteries out, they were VERY hot!

who is just suffering from megalomania and will recover by tomorrow and 
get back to signing her name in the "conventional" way ...