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Re: Another Pennsic question

Ekayne writes:
> I have a specific Pennsic question: What does one use as a portable/permanent
> light source at night? I suppose no one would kill me if I used a flashlight
> but I'd like to be a little more period that that.
> How about:
> Tiki torches?
> Lanterns? Coleman or such?
> Candles? What if it is windy?  :/

Regarding carrying tiki torches and other lanterns containing flammable fuel;
this is a Bad Thing<tm>. Do not carry oil lanterns or tiki torches around
with you. If you stumble and spill the fuel, there's a good chance it will
ignite and you and your lantern could go up in smoke. Besides, tiki torches
use kerosene, and this causes much annoying smoke, especially it the wick
is not properly trimmed.

Candles are alright if they are in a proper lantern. Do not carry open
flames of any kind for the same reasons stated above. Though there is no
fuel to spill, open flames are dangerous. There is an all out ban at Pennsic
on having open flames inside ones tent for that matter. I have a wooden
lantern that holds one candle and is glassed on three sides with the front
piece sliding up to facilitate replacement of the candle. It has a nice
sized handle on the back for carrying, and offers very good light.

The best thing is to get one of those small, thin mag lites that clips
to your belt. Not very period, but it gives adequate light and is fairly
unobtrusive, unlike a Coleman (Oh Blinding Light. Oh Light that blinds.
I cannot see. Look out for me).

The best lantern I have seen at Pennsic was battery operated and caused
the small light bulb inside to flicker like a candle flame. According to
the fellow that had it, it fooled Cariadoc when he went visiting the
Enchanted Ground one year. Which reminds me of the very old joke; 

Q: How many Carolingians does it take to change a light bulb? 

A: Change the light bulb?!? That's Cariadoc's light bulb!!!

In service,

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