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GMU Fight Practice ... was Re: cloven fruit

Leifr writes:

>Arianrhod ferch Finglas asks:
>> Also, I have a question, has FP at Mason been called off for the rest 
of the
>> summer?
>> yours in puzzlement,
>> Arianrhod ferch Finglas
>Nope, fighter practice is Wednesday nights starting about 7:00 pm at
>George Mason University, St. Stephen's College, Ponte Alto.  It's just
>moved outside to right side as you face the building from the entrance.
>In Service

Fighter practice will take place indoors starting on August 30, 1995.  I 
still need to confirm this with a few people but it should not be as much 
of a problem as it was last fall.

Yours in Service to the Dream,

Karen Larsdatter med det Usigelige Efternavn fra Skyggedal
That Seneschale Chick At St. Stephen's

(Btw, guys, I'm feeling much better now ... I had a nice healthy dinner 
[chicken, pasta salad, and schaumtorte for dessert] and I'm still 
drinking plenty of fluids.  Dad's told me to bring Gatorade next time ... 
also, I found two ticks on my garb, but none on my skin.  You might want 
to see if you've brought home any little fanged friends as well ...)