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Re: Another Pennsic question

Elayne asks for advice about lighting at camping events.

Heh. I _could_ push the vitamins a second time and say something about
vitamin A improving night vision. But I think Bugs Bunny already did
that schtick and I don't actually know if that vitamin A -- night vision
thang is true.

There are some spif pierced metal candle lanterns for sale on Merchants'
Row each year. WARNING: Do NOT use these in your tent. 

If you are like me and CANNOT get to sleep most nights without reading,
I recommend the battery powered camp lantern from Coleman for inside
your tent. Beware of putting on erotic shadowplays for the 7 year old
at the next tent over. Parents should get to CHOOSE when to answer
such questions.....

Truth to tell, I have never used a light source for navigating at

As for your specific query re flashlights: safety and financial 
expediency take precedence over historical accuracy. And if you
find yourself having to use something non-period, don't apologize.
That only calls attention to it. Some folks gotta wear glasses,
ride motorized wheelchairs, carry flashlights, etc. Polite people
won't hassle you as long as you don't shine it in their eyes or
some such. 

OH! I almost forgot: last University we saw some spiffy keen
leather lanterns made with horn lenses. If you are interested,
I can get you in touch with the instructor.

-Henry Best

"Remember, we are all in this together." 
                         -Harry Tuttle, Heating Engineer