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Re: Another Pennsic question

Elayne writes
> Greeting everyone at the Merry Rose, on this yucky humid afternoon!
> I have a specific Pennsic question: What does one use as a portable/permanent 
> light source at night? I suppose no one would kill me if I used a flashlight, 
> but I'd like to be a little more period that that.
> How about:
> Tiki torches?

I remember reading in an old pennsic guide that NO tiki torch is
portable I also remember a cartoon of a slightly charred person carrying
one so thats a no

> Lanterns? Coleman or such?

That may be a little excesive unless you turn it down low

> Candles? What if it is windy?  :/

Buy a candle lantern they are about 8-30 dollars dpeneding on what you
is an online merchant who can give you some ideas of types of lanterns
that exist ,however I've been lead to believe that alot of their stuff
is post period but passable

> Do I just stumble about in the dark? (I'm sure it is period, but...)  :)

No from what I hwve heard there will be a fair deal of tiki torches

just bring an ebeneezer scrooge style candle holder
(thomb hole attached to a saucer)
or bring a wide cande that has burned down till it has its own chimney
or a simple oil lantern (but make sure that it doesn't leak) with a globe
(globes are very nice in that they compensate for the wind)

 bring some six inch taper candles since
that is what it seems like most of the candle lanterns I've seen take

and just be reasonable about whatever you bring by taking into account
what kind of garb you wear as well whether or not it is comfortable for
you to carry the lantern for an evening and have the lantern lit running
a field test  of this before pennsic would be a good ideasince some
lanterns get hot FAST. 

Consider making a lantern pole kinda like an upside down L which is a
walking staff you can carry your lantern from and keep it away from your

in service