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Re: Air at Pennsic

>Does anyone know of sources for either fans that can be used in a tent at
>Pennsic? I'm looking for either solar or battery powered( larger than the
>palm sized ones at Wal-Mart).

What kind of tent? And where will you be camping? In my experience, no
amount of fanning is going to do much to cool a nylon tent on the Serengeti
on a typical Pennsic afternoon! You'll just be moving the 140 degree air!

Two years ago, we had a huge open-sided canvas military tent in our
encampment adjacent to Eastern Royal. We had two or three very big box fans
(electric, one of the perks of Royal) going day and night and still it
wasn't cool. And, our neighbors in Heralds' Point were none too happy about
the noise!

But, since I'm ever optimistic and will be not-quite-seven-months pregnant
at Pennsic this year, I'm hoping someone here has had more luck with this
and will tell both of us how to keep cool!

:) Caitlin