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Re: Air at Pennsic

Lady Caitlin writes:
> But, since I'm ever optimistic and will be not-quite-seven-months pregnant
> at Pennsic this year, I'm hoping someone here has had more luck with this
> and will tell both of us how to keep cool!

Well, I'll give you my suggestion, but it may not help you out unless you're
willing to move out of your tent. In a word, yurts. A yurt is a most amazing
dwelling. During the day, even with little or no breeze, you can keep a yurt
cool enough to be comfortable. This works by using natural heat convection,
and I don't know if you can achieve this with a tent. What happens in a yurt
is this; the roof ring is open (mine is 3 feet in diameter). The wall canvas
is rolled up, prefereably on the shady side of the yurt. The heat then flows
upward, out of the roof ring, to be replaced by cooler air flowing over the
dewey grass on the shady side. This provides a nice, light breeze of cool air
in the yurt. If you have a mosquito net over your bed, you can sit inside this
and enjoy a cool day, free of flies (who also like a cool place and tend to
flock toward a yurt, and a flock of flies is an ugly sight).

Anyway, this is how I do it. If you're interested in building a yurt, feel
free to contact me (Saraal, I'm going to try to get to Kinko's this week).

In service,

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