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RE: Another Pennsic question

Speaking as the only Knight who manages to bring light along for setting 
folks out on vigil: I would recommend the camping candle lanterns you can 
find in fine camping stores (REI, EMS, etc.) $13-20 per. Package of 3 
candles for $1.25. These are metal and glass cylinders with a wire loop 
handle that hold a 6-hour candle. The glass portion collapses into the metal 
to reduce the size from about 8 inches in height down to 4 inches. They are 
about 1.5-2 inches in diameter. I routinely carry one in my pouch. They 
provide plenty of light for walking in the woods. They are certainly more 
modern than any of the real period light sources you could get. But they are 
a reasonable attempt, are VERY convenient, and are a safe enclosed flame.


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Subject: Another Pennsic question
Date: Fri 14 Jul 95 14:01

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Greeting everyone at the Merry Rose, on this yucky humid afternoon!

I have a specific Pennsic question: What does one use as a 
light source at night? I suppose no one would kill me if I used a 
but I'd like to be a little more period that that.
How about:
Tiki torches?
Lanterns? Coleman or such?
Candles? What if it is windy?  :/

Do I just stumble about in the dark? (I'm sure it is period, but...)  :)