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Re: Lamps and Lighting

>     Greetings from Caroline! With all this talk about lamps and lighting, 
>     don't forget that Atlantia's own Master Robyyan has written a Compleat 
>     Anachronist (in the last 2 years) on this very topic!! I don't know 
>     the number, but your local CA subscriber should be able to find it for 
>     you, or look in whatever information you have from the Stock Clerk to 
>     find it.

That would be:
#68  7/93   Domestic Lighting: Candles, Lamps, & Torches in History
                An exploration of the various sources of light and how
                fashion and styles have changed.

(complete list at: http://eddie.bevd.blacksburg.va.us/~duncan/caidx.txt)
>     BTW, I don't use a light while walking at Pennsic at night -- I keep a 
>     small flashlight in my pouch or basket for use in the privy and in my 
>     tent -- but otherwise the ambient light works well for most walking, 
>     hanging out, and such.

I pretty much do the same thing. One place where you might want a
flashlight is if you happen to volunteer for security at night, particularly
if you're on "cart patrol" - not all carts have headlights :-/

-Duncan, who'll be missing Pennsic this year
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