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Re: Non Fighting Event Activities

Gerlach Wiesengrund writes,

>     One question, what time of the year will the event takecplace? I 
> know that if it's going to be during the hot part of the year (like the 
> last couple of weeks), I think that a sno-cone flavor competition might 
> be in order.

I understand that the only way to get sno-cones in the Period (during
the summer) was to have someone run down from the mountains with a
cooler of ice.  If so, perhaps you can find out how such coolers were
made, and have a competition simulating the trip the runners had to make.

Brigantia (any relation to the Eastern Principal Herald?) writes,

> Perhaps you could get a contest for Rebear and others with a food-a-pult
> contest. Perhaps song sheets could be given out after feast for a large
> sing-a-long (works better if it is a wet site).

These two suggestions remind me of something that I've long thought
would be great for an event:  Greeks, in ancient times, drank very
heavy wines that would leave syrupy dregs in their cups.  They had
a game called kottabos which involved flinging the dregs at a target
bowl.  The Romans had a similar game called cottabus.  I have a book
at home on the subject of orgias that has more details on this game;
if anyones interested I'll dig it up and reprt back.

-- Alfredo el Bufon
     I big.  I bag.  I have bug.