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The Code Of Chivalry - Per Lady Thalia's Request

Lady Thalia writes:
]What 13th Century Code of Chivalry are you referring to?  Is this an 
]actual text?  Or more of a compilation based on actions?  I would 
]enjoy a discussion of actual period chivalric codes and/or attitudes.

I have a translation and analysis of the Epic Poems "Chanson de Gest" that 
details "The Ten Commandments of Chivalry" as they were during the 

     1) Thou shalt believe all that the Church teaches and shall 
        observe all its directions.

     2) Thou shalt defend the Church.

     3) Thou shalt respect and defend the weak.

     4) Thou shalt love the country in which thou was born.

     5) Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy.

     6) Thou shalt make war against the Infidels without 
        cessation and without mercy. 

     7) Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy feudal duties,
        if they be not contrary to the laws of the Church and God.

     8) Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to 
        thy pledged word.

     9) Thou shalt be generous, and give largesse to everyone. 

    10) Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the 
        Right and the Good against Injustice and evil.

Another book I have translates them as follows:

     1) Believe in Christ and follow his teachings.

     2) Protect Christianity.

     3) Protect and support the weak.

     4) Love your country.

     5) Never turn your back on a foe.

     6) Fight against non-Christians with "Death and Glory" spirit.

     7) Keep the feudal system so far as it does not 
        run counter to the way of God 

     8) Never tell a lie, and keep your word.

     9) Be broad-minded, and bestow favor on the multitude.

    10) Keep to the right path, fight against injustice and vice.

     I have other texts containing slightly different versions. I hope the 
helps. I have texts on Bushido code too. Even one comparing the two.

In Service,

Luther (the Viking Librarian)