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Re: Re[3]: Non Fighting Event Activities

    A 'Rose patron unkown to me suggests alternate fastening
    methods for the "Pin the Armor on the Knight" contest.

>           Ouch!  And how do you propose finding a knight to volunteer
>           for the "Pin the armour on the knight" contest?
>     Answer:  First find one willing to be disrobed.  Auctioning off
>     the office of "disrober" should also raise money from and
>     spirits of the local ladies.
>     Of course, most knights have a bodily aversion to being pierced
>     (hence the armor in the first place).  Perhaps we could use
>     pitch instead of pins?
>     -Ianthe                             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov

Nay, mylady. Offer duct tape, and they will line up  for the privelege.

    I'm not so sure about this one.  Were we to duct-tape a Knight,
    we'd have to make sure the splintery parts and the striking
    surfaces were well covered.  We'd have to make sure the Knight
    in question wasn't harboring extra ballast internally, and was
    of legal width.

    I for one will refrain from discussing in this family forum how
    we would ensure that Knights meet the width and ballast
    requirements.  I also suggest that while they might be willing
    to lie still for the initial taping, the UN-TAPING would be a
    singularly unpleasant experience.  I would not want to be in
    the vicinity of a recently un-taped (and cranky) Knight.

    -Ianthe                             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov