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Re: Apologies to Leifr

Lord Tadhg, you write:
>      Please let me apologize for something I said earlier today. I attached 
>      a rude note when you indicated you would withdraw from the topic at 
>      Earl Knarlic's request.
>      I sincerely apologize for the direct insult I gave you, and the 
>      indirect one I gave Earl Knarlic. The retort was uncalled for.
>      Sincerely,
>      Tadhg
>      (who's still working on proper displays of courtesy--if haltingly)
I accept your apology sincerely and gratefully.  Please be assured that I 
am not now nor was I before offended by your expression of opinions 
honestly held.  Nor was I offended by your intensity of tone in 
expressing these opinions.  I hope in turn you have not been offended by 
my intensity, as it derives from a true concern not for myself, but for 
others who have made their way haltingly through the confusions and 
complexities of our Society.

If courtesy is, as you seem to believe, not merely a social grace, but a 
deep and abiding concern for the feelings of others, know that I believe 
while you may still be Gracefully guided in your display of courtesy, you 
have truely ever shown you have a soul of courtesy.  In this I trust none 
would dispute.

In Service
Leifr Johansson