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No Subject

Knarlic just pinged me about this and I should append to what I previously

$#>Lord Siguard tells a wonderful story about Duke Roland.  It seems that in
$#>his first year in the SCA, Roland went to a fighter practice where they
$#>had a melee.  The team leaders picked their teams, and Roland was the 
$#>last person left to be chosen.  One team leader offered to the other
$#>one of his already chosen men, if the other would take Roland.  Is it any
$#> surprise that Duke Sir Roland, after winning crown and being knighted, 
$#>hunted down that team leader and made his life as miserable as possible
$#>as often as he could?
$#Leifr please thank Lord Siguard for a story of how a duke should NOT
$#behave. The team leader proved himself to be quite rude--and certainly
$#owed Roland an apology. And Roland made up for it by being RUDER "as
$#often as he could". If this is a "wonderful story" to you, Leifr, you
$#are walking on a road of lead.

$There is a hidden lesson here: Personal vendetta should not be taken on the
$field.  The first rule of the list states this.  I know of a several 
$who have stopped fighting because there are people they
$don't want to fight in a personal vendetta.

There is also a rest of the story or a least a frame to put it in.  First is 
that those
things were a LONG  time ago, and second Ronald got the point across without
it getting  too personal.  Bottom line is demonstrate your prowess, don't 
try to
hurt the guy.   I apologize to any folks out there who took that implication 
of Ronald.
The knights to whom I am referring to are most honorable men because they
consider it wiser to avoid the people they resent than to risk a stain 
their honor.   The reverse is true of some other folks I think.  There are 
two people
that I would not fight in the lists under any circs.  I think you get the 

Richard of La Rochelle.