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Re: It's done at last!

     Speaking as the possessor of a rare copy of the aforementioned 
     previous, hand-drawn embroidery book done by Countess Ianthe, OL, I 
     can say only one thing about her going to press with a new one -- 
     YAHOO!  Congratulations, my friend, and save one of those Pennsic 
     advance copies for me.  (And can I have it autographed, please?)

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Subject: It's done at last!
Author:  Kim.Salazar@em.doe.gov at INTERNET
Date:    7/27/95 4:31 PM

    To my fellow inn-creepers at the Merry Rose, from Ianthe, 
    giddy greetings!
    Were we all truly knee to knee in a tavern, I'd be leaping up 
    to order a round for the house in happy celebration.
                  --> *#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*# <-- confetti!
    I have finally finished my book on embroidery (the one that's 
    been 14 years in the making).  Unlike my previous
    hand-drawn pamphlets, this is a Real Printed Book.  (I returned 
    the galley proofs to the publisher yesterday night.  The thing 
    at press even as we drink!)
    Pardon me for a crass commercial announcement, but those 
    interested in period counted thread work might look for:
          Salazar, Kim Brody (as Ianthe d'Averoigne).  The New 
          Carolingian Modelbook:  Counted Embroidery Patterns from 
          Before 1600.  Albuquerque:  Outlaw Press, 1995.  205p. 
          ISBN 0-9642082-2-9
          Library of Congress Catalog Card 95-70710
    It will be available from particularly enlightened SCA 
    merchants (Alban, take a bow); and from mundane needlwork 
    dealers and specialty bookstores, including Lacis in 
    California and The Yarn Shop in College Park, MD.  A limited, 
    numbered advance edition will be available at Pennsic.
    Now, suddenly having an eternity of time on my hands, I feel 
    compelled to fill it.  Perhaps I'd better get a start on the 
    garb I'll need to attend the War...  Fighting practice calls, 
    -i.                               kim.salazar@em.doe.gov