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Re: Peers, Made or Recognized

Yaakov delivers a very well thought out note: (most snipped for space)

]Let us pretend we have a fighter who wants to be a knight.  He is now good
]enough to win most of the time.  He is a nice fellow.  He helps out in his
]shire and everyone seems to like him.  But he hasn't been knighted.  The way
]the system is structured, he can't ask anyone why.  He has to pretend he
]doesn't even *want* a knighthood.  Heck, he has to convince himself that he
]doesn't want a knighthood, and that any feelings of desire for one are
]unworthy on his part and proof that he doesn't *deserve* knighthood.  So he
]goes on, unable to find out what's wrong, convincing himself he's unworthy,
]and getting frustrated and bitter and feeling guilty at the same time.

]Why is this a good thing?

   Excellent points all.

   The problem and solution rests with those that surround us. For one reason or
another, it seems, only a small percentage of people in the SCA actually make an
effort to, for lack of a better term, lobby for someone to be elevated to the 
   I have heard the story above several times. 
   The feedback that would make the above fighter feel worthy should come from 
those around him. Positive feedback and words on his behalf to others would go a
long way to cure bitterness and ill feelings. 

   Even your post touches upon it. 

](As a side point, it is one of the advantages of my mercanary bardic.  I can
]validate myself and my skills quite nicely without some trinket from a king,
]thank you.)
   The place I see the most positive feedback happen is Bards and Brewers.

   You asked, "Why is this a good thing?". The answer is it is NOT a good thing.
Worse still, the burnout you describe above has cost the SCA several fine 
people. How can we solve the above hypothetical problem within the framework 
that exists in the SCA?
   If the above gentleman did me a great kindness who should I tell? Write to 
the King? Baron? Seneschal? Marshal? Influential Dukes? The Acorn? All? 

   Realistically, what can *we* do?

As Always,

Luther (wishing he had taken up brewing long ago)