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Re[2]: Peers, Made or Recognized

   Greetings, all.
   Luther asks of us:
   >If the above gentleman did me a great kindness who should I tell? Write to 
   >the King? Baron? Seneschal? Marshal? Influential Dukes? The Acorn? All? 
   >Realistically, what can *we* do?
   You're headed down the right track--WRITE. Pause for a moment and consider 
   what honor you believe should be bestowed...is it for fighting, artistic 
   skill, managerial prowess, or extraordinary courtesy? Or anything else?
   Think about what they have done to gain your praise...and suggest them to the 
   appropriate order. Write to their Baron or Baroness if they live in a barony 
   and can be recognized there. Write to the Crowns and the Principal of the 
   appropriate group (Sea Stag for fighting, Pearl for A&S, Golden Dolphin for 
   Service.) Write to the Queen if their courtesy seems remarkable. If what they 
   have done is greater still, write to the Crowns and the Principal of the 
   Order (Laurel, Knight, or Pelican.)
   You have just as much right to recommend someone for Laurel as Duchess 
   Melisande. While her opinion may carry greater influence (she gets to answer 
   the pollings, after all), your opinion will not go unnoticed.
   The main thing is making your opinion known to folks who directly participate 
   in the decision--the Crowns and the Order members. Writing is one of the 
   tools YOU have to influence the process.
   >Luther (wishing he had taken up brewing long ago) 
   Don't we all, lad...don't we all.  8^)