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Re: The Code Of Chivalry - Per Lady Thalia's Request

Greetings from Tibor.

I'll see your split hairs, Xavier, and split them finer:
  I guess this means we can't have chivalry in the SCA
  since its against the religion bit in the corpora

The "religion bit" (Governing and Policy Document 6) does not permit
religious practice to be sponsored by the SCA Incorporated.  But it actually
encourages individual research and practice.  If you want your persona to be
a true Christian Knight, you might have trouble with the public knighting
ceremony, but there is no reason why you can't study, practice and

This is important enough to emphasize.  The Society is not a religion-free
zone.  (Comfortable though that would be for atheists like me.)  It is a
religion-tolerant zone, with no official support for a particular
religion.  Current biases of the Society Seneschal notwithstanding.


6. POLICY ON RELIGION (June 1980, revised July 1988)

Having no wish to recreate the religious conflicts of the period under
study, the Society for Creative Anachronism, Incorporated, shall neither
establish nor prohibit any system of belief among its members.  No one shall
perform any religious or magical ceremony at a Society event (or in association
with the name of the Society) in such a way as to imply that the ceremony
is authorized, sponsored, or promulgated by the Society or to force anyone
at a Society event, by direct or indirect pres- sure, to observe or join
the ceremony.  However, this provision is in no way intended to discourage
the study of historical belief systems and their effects on the development
of Western culture.

  Except as provided herein, neither the Society nor any member acting in
its name or that of any of its parts shall interfere with any person's lawful
ceremonies, nor shall any member discriminate against another upon grounds
related to either's system of belief.