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Re: Knightly Duties

To: Wynn Klosky
From: Hick Steve on Thu, Jul 27, 1995 7:33 PM
Subject: RE: Knightly Duties

'The Boke of the Ordre of Chyvalry and knighthode' was translated by Caxton
and published ca 1475 in English, and is available in facsimile.  I used this
as a source for the knights part in the elevation of Master Laeghaire to the
Laural 2 Pennsics ago.  We also used parts of it in the knighting of
Grethferth (the significance of the knightly regalia).  There are at least 3
other copies in English, many more readable than Caxton's, but not as
charming.  I had it at 2 Twelfth Nights and at least one Pennsic, I bring it
everytime there's an elevation and get to do something, so maybe you saw my

Ramon Llul's work is in Catalonian, and was translated into EVERY major
European  language IN PERIOD.  Malcolm Vale notes that it is one of the 5 or
so books in every 15th century magnate's library, there are copies I know in
the library of the Dukes of Burgundy.  Sooooooo, they thought of it as a
guiding document.

If you want the information, email me again, and I can provide all the
library citation.

Oh, I rarely read this stuff anymore, if you want me to read it, yell at me
(e.g. HEY STRYKAR!).

>From the gates of Valhala

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From: Wynn Klosky on Thu, Jul 27, 1995 5:10 PM
Subject: Re: Knightly Duties
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Subject: Re: Knightly Duties
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        Reply to:   RE>>Knightly Duties

Lady Thalia writes:
          What 13th Century Code of Chivalry are you referring to?  Is
          this an actual text?  Or more of a compilation based on
          actions?  I would enjoy a discussion of actual period
          chivalric codes and/or attitudes.

Don't know if this is what he was reffing or not, but there is the
Libre del Orde de Cavayleria (Book of the Order of Chivalry) by
Raymond Lull from the 13th century. [There is also the L'Ordene
de chevalerie (The Order of Chivalry), a 12th cent. text dealing
with rules and ceremony of the order.]

Lull's work was evidently read in Latin, French, and also translated
into English.

You can find copies of Lull in English as "The Book of the Order of 
Chivalry" ed. by somebody Byles (?) (I think). For some reason, it
occurs to me that I have seen this in somebody's house back home,
but I can't remember whose. (Dafydd? Strykar? Thorvald? Ishmael?
feh...I'm getting old...all the glorious libraries of days gone by, running 
together like former lovers...)

branwynn ottersby