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Camelot Faire Demo - Thank you!

Unto the citizens of Atlantia does Lady Anarra Karlsdottir send greetings.

I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks, and the thanks of the Barony of
Caer Mear, to all gentles of this Kingdom (and some other Kingdoms as well!)
who helped us with the Camelot Faire Demo on July 22.

This Demo was a huge success!  We expected approximately 1000 people to
attend - estimated counts have put the attendance at 2000.  There were at
least five people at our Tuesday night fight practice/Barony Gather who
found out about us through the faire.

The Pamunkey Regional Library System and Hanover County Parks and Recreation
were extremely impressed with what they saw of the SCA - there has even been
talk of another group wanting us to help them do a Medieval Faire next year.

Doug Geiken, the man who coordinated the Library's part of the demo, has
asked me to pass on his thanks as well.  He couldn't be more impressed by
what he saw that day.

Everyone I spoke to had a good time.  No one got heatstroke!

Thank you, thank you so much for all your help and participation!  It was
one of the most pleasent autocratting experiences I have ever had - directly
due to people who pitched in and did their thing under their own direction.

This was my first autocratting experience in Atlantia, and I am extremely
impressed!  Other autocrats in other kingdoms should have it so good!

Thank you.


        - Lady Anarra Karlsdottir, Autocrat