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"Unofficial" Awards

Greetings to my fellow patrons,

All this talk about awards and recognition leads me to rise from
my dark corner for both a statement and a question on the topic.

First the statement...
In the matter of "unofficial" (i.e. not from Crown) awards, the Provosts
started passing out braided yellow and blue "favors" to duello fighters
that impressed them in some way at tournements or other events.
This began about 18 months ago at Emerald Joust.  I'm not sure
how wide spread the practice is now, although I know that Baroness
Ceridwen, a jewel amongst the fair ladies of Atlantia, has presented
some since that point.  My dim memory tells me that others have
as well but I am not as certain of names and places.

Now for the question...
Has anyone received some sort of unofficial recognition of a like
manor?  How public was the awarding done?  How did it make
you feel?  The intent of the Provost's favors was to demonstrate
recognition and praise from peers (lower case "p") and those
of the caliber you are trying to emulate.  Any examples or

Thank you for your time in this and I bid you a fair afternoon,

Aedan Aylwyn