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Re: "Unofficial" Awards

Lord Aedan writes,

[some snippage about the Atlantian Provosts giving out Yadonegoods]

> Now for the question...
> Has anyone received some sort of unofficial recognition of a like
> manor?  How public was the awarding done?  How did it make
> you feel?  The intent of the Provost's favors was to demonstrate
> recognition and praise from peers (lower case "p") and those
> of the caliber you are trying to emulate.  Any examples or
> stories????

Actually, yes, I have such a story. At Storviks recent Novice Tourney
and Barons Champions Tourney, there was one fellow who stood out in my
mind enough that I gave him a Baronial favour during our court. I didn't 
know about the provost's favours at the time, and if I had, it would 
have been inappropriate (in my mind at least) to give out a provost's
ribbon since I am not a provost, hence the Baronial favour.

During the day there were many contests. Heavy fighting in various form,
archery, heraldic display, and rapier, with a prize for the best death.
I judged this particular competition, while Baroness Brenna judged the
heavy lists. During the course of the eliminations, and quite a lot of
coaxing from me to get the duellists to die with a bit more verve, I
noticed one fellow who seemed always to show deference to his opponent
in such a way as to take his own arm should his opponent lose his, often
changing weapon hands if necessary, or to drop to his kness should his
opponent lose a leg. This struck me as very chivalrous, for as like as not,
he was occasionally at a disadvantage for so doing. Still, what seemed to
matter to him was the bout. Being able to give his opponent a worthwhile
fight and have as much fun as possible.

Thus it was that, during our court, I was honoured and happy to bestow
upon Aedan Aylwyn the favour of the Baron and Baroness of Storvik. Wear
it proudly, Aedan. You earned it.

In service,
Baron Corun MacAnndra
Barony of Storvik

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