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Re: "Unofficial" Awards

Alfredo said:
>I'm not sure if this is a like manner or not.  In the Barony of
>Thescorre (a land so far North it's East), where once I lived,
>holds an event called, Sergeants' & Yeomen's, which featured a
>day-long contest in seven areas -- martial arts (either heavy
>weapons, fencing or archery), performance, dance, gaming, tactics,
>(book) heraldry, and courtesy.  No, it was eight -- entrants were
>also judged on the calligraphy of their entrance letter.  Contestants
>who excelled in all would be named either Sergeant of Thescorre
>(if they had competed heavy weapons) or Yeoman of Thescorre.

The Baronies in the Kingdom of An Tir hold similar events.  Seargent and
Yeoman are recognized titles in An Tir, so I don't know if that qualifies as
'unofficial' awards, but I always thought that the Seargent's tournies were
a neat idea.

        - Anarra