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Re: Excited about Pennsic.....

Lady Elayne writes:
> So, can anyone give me advice about how to make a bliaut?

Well, first you have to get the crepes very thin, and not overcooked. Then
you have to use the very best cream cheese.....oh wait, that's a blintz
isn't it. Sorry. ;-)

See you at Pennsic.

In service,

    To Corun, ethnic greetings.

    Cream cheese alone?  Never!  Too gooey.

    You need equal parts of
    cream cheese, pot cheese and farmer cheese.  If your heritage
    is German Urban Jewish, a little sugar and nutmeg is good; if
    you're Russian Peasant Jewish (like me, mundanely) a teeny
    bisseleh salt.

    And the blechlach aren't quite crepes, but they do need to be
    very thin and cooked on only one side.

    If you're VERY GOOD, someday I might make them for you...

    (Ianthe wouldn't know a latke from a blintz, but is very
    excited about attending her first Pennsic since 1982).