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Re: University #39

unto lord henry best from melys, greetings!

milord -

having a rather ridiculously large number of institutions of higher 
education in our area, i am thinking wild thoughts about hosting 
university atlantia.  (i definitely intend to teach my dante class, and 
possibly a chaucer class as well... *warm smile of anticipation*)  in 
order to try to find a site, i really need to know what university 
requires - how many classrooms, do we need a kitchen, what should i look 
for, and can you make any recommendations that i haven't thought of yet?

we are in the middle of north carolina, so we'd be about as centrally 
located as it gets for the southern portion of the kingdom...

if you can provide a checklist, in order of necessity, that would make my 
life easiest.  if that's too complicated, then just a couple of general 
ideas would also suffice.  this could be *way* too much fun...

						in service (and frantically
						trying to finish sewing for


angharad melys, guard d'argent
sacred stone / windmaster's hill, atlantia