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Re[2]: Excited about Pennsic.....

     Dear Ianthe and Corun (with apologies to all the rest of you for the 
     ethnic diversion),
     What about ME?!?!  My father's people came from that part of Europe 
     where once a month or so, someone would go to the rabbi and say, "So 
     nu, Reb Moishe? Are we in Russia or in Poland this month?"  Do I geet 
     to eat my blintzes with sugar and cinnamon or with salt?
     (Note:  I learned to cook from my mther and grandmother, whose people 
     were from Rumania.  A whole different tradition altogether.  Anybody 
     out there into mamaliga and bryndza?)

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Subject: Re: Excited about Pennsic.....
Author:  Corun MacAnndra <corun@access.digex.net> at INTERNET
Date:    8/3/95 6:09 PM

Countess Ianthe writes:
>     To Corun, ethnic greetings.
>     Cream cheese alone?  Never!  Too gooey.
Well, I haven't made blintzes in more years than I care to think about, 
but I don't recall the recipe I used having the other two cheeses in 
it. I'll have to cross index a couple recipes, or just take you up on 
your kind offer. But then I'd have to be VERY GOOD, wouldn't I. Hmmmm, 
that could be tough.
>     You need equal parts of
>     cream cheese, pot cheese and farmer cheese.  If your heritage 
>     is German Urban Jewish, a little sugar and nutmeg is good; if 
>     you're Russian Peasant Jewish (like me, mundanely) a teeny
>     bisseleh salt.
So what do you know from Polish Rural Jews? Actually, I think my father's 
family is a mix of Polish rural and Russian rural. They came from Lodz 
(pronounced Woodzsch, for those who don't speak Polish).
>     And the blechlach aren't quite crepes, but they do need to be 
>     very thin and cooked on only one side.
>     -kim
>     (Ianthe wouldn't know a latke from a blintz, but is very 
>     excited about attending her first Pennsic since 1982).
You're going to be at Pennsic? Yippee! And there was much rejoicing. Do 
you know where you're encamped yet? Come on up to Moritu Horde camp and 
I'll give you the Yurts-R-Us tour. We expect to have 24 in camp this 
year. If I'm in camp, the Storvik flag will be flying next to the tribal 
In service,
   Corun MacAnndra   |     Alright, the clown can stay, but the Ferengi
 Dark Horde by birth |    in the gorilla suit has to go.
   Moritu by choice  |            G. LaForge