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Re: Re[2]: Excited about Pennsic.....

Duchess Melisande writes:

>      Dear Ianthe and Corun (with apologies to all the rest of you for the 
>      ethnic diversion),
>      What about ME?!?!  My father's people came from that part of Europe 
>      where once a month or so, someone would go to the rabbi and say, "So 
>      nu, Reb Moishe? Are we in Russia or in Poland this month?"  Do I geet 
>      to eat my blintzes with sugar and cinnamon or with salt?

Your Grace, you may eat your blintzes any way you like. Afterall, you
do outrank both Her Excellency and me. ;-)

>      (Note:  I learned to cook from my mther and grandmother, whose people 
>      were from Rumania.  A whole different tradition altogether.  Anybody 
>      out there into mamaliga and bryndza?)

I'm sure with the proper incentive we can be convinced to get into them.
So when are making these Rumanian delights, and when can we come over to
sample them?

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   | 	   Alright, the clown can stay, but the Ferengi
 Dark Horde by birth | 		 in the gorilla suit has to go.
   Moritu by choice  | 				       G. LaForge