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Re: Payment at Pennsic

On Aug 4, 14:11, Chuck Graves wrote:

>      I wonder if anyone would happen to know what currency the troll will 
>      accept at Pennsic. When I look at the flyer, I see the following:
>         personal checks - definitely not
>         traveler's checks - with proper identification
>         cash and credit cards - nothing said

Cash, yes. Credit cards, never have in the past, probably won't this year.
As a result, most folks take cash.

>      Okay, I give up...anyone know where the middle ground is? Or is that 
>      being regulated by the land lunatic, as well?!?

The Coopers handle *all* the money; the damage that the land lunatic
can do is fairly limited, and we'll know in a few hours how bad it
is... anyone want to take part in a "Fast Eddie for Landocrat"

Gregory Blount