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Directions to Pennsic?

Good ev'en to the assembled gentles at the Merry Rose!

	Could some kind soul who has been to Pennsic more recently than I 
(1989, I think, was the last time, and I didn't drive ....) do me the most 
compassionate boon of posting or sending to me a good, clear set of directions 
for how to get there?  I have the most vague notion of which highways and 
byways, yet I know there has been much construction upon the King's Highway 
since last I ventured forth ....

	I'm leaving from Washington, DC, and have to make a pickup stop in 
Harper's Ferry, thence continuing northwards until I reach the Fabled Place.  
Won't some kind soul, who is not geographically challenged as I am, help a 
lady in her befuddlement?  :-)

	My thanks are yours in advance!