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Re: Directions to Pennsic?

On Fri, 4 Aug 1995, Sharon Henderson wrote:

> Good ev'en to the assembled gentles at the Merry Rose!
> 	Could some kind soul who has been to Pennsic more recently than I 
> (1989, I think, was the last time, and I didn't drive ....) do me the most 
> compassionate boon of posting or sending to me a good, clear set of directions 
> for how to get there?  I have the most vague notion of which highways and 
> byways, yet I know there has been much construction upon the King's Highway 
> since last I ventured forth ....
> 	I'm leaving from Washington, DC, and have to make a pickup stop in 
> Harper's Ferry, thence continuing northwards until I reach the Fabled Place.  
> Won't some kind soul, who is not geographically challenged as I am, help a 
> lady in her befuddlement?  :-)
> 	My thanks are yours in advance!
> 	Blessings,
> 	Meli

here are the directions a friend mailed me
in service

   Once again Pennsic will take place at Cooper's Lake Campground, RD #2, in
   Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. All gentles wishing to attend are urged to
   examine the appropriate maps before setting forth on their journeys. As
   gentles travel to Pennsic from all over the Known World, specific 
   directions to the site are given on a local scale. 

   Take your best route to Western Pennsylvania. If this lands you at the
   Pittsburgh International Airport without a car, be sure you have made
   arrangements for someone to meet your flight. Pennsic will not be 
   providing a shuttle service to or from the airport. 

   If you reach Western Pennsylvania by car, you are probably on I-80, 
   I-76 or I-79. 
      From I-80: take I-79 South to Route 422 West. 
      From I-76: take I-79 North to Route 422 West. 
      From I-79: continue to Route 422 West. 
    1. turn left at the stop sign onto Route 422 West. 
    2. Proceed approximately .75 miles to the sign for Cooper's Lake
       Campground (sign is very small) 
    3. turn right onto Currie Road. 
    4. Continue on this road until you reach Cooper's Lake Campground. 
    5. Follow the signs to the Troll Booth. 
    6. Relax. 

   If you are travelling by commercial-scale bus or bringing your castle 
   in a semi-trailer, you will need to contact Cooper's Lake Campground 
   directly for directions that permit large vehicle access. Currie Road 
   crosses a one-lane bridge distinctly unsuited to buses and semis. 


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