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Merry Rose Gathering at Pennsic

     Greetings unto all the denizens of the Merry Rose and all the shoppers 
     at Cheapside, from Deoca the overworked of Elvegast,
          Yes, we will gather at Pennsic. Let us gather on Friday night, 
     between 7 and 9 pm, at the Windmaster's Hill encampment. For those of 
     you unfamiliar with Pennsic, Windmaster's Hill is always on the 
     Serengeti, somwhere near Atlantian Royal. I'll try to have the Merry 
     Rose banner outside the gates.
     I know that there are many parties going on Friday night. That's why I 
     specified our gathering from 7 to 9. Everyone is welcome to stay as 
     long as they want, but those hours will be the "official" gathering, 
     so we'll be pretty sure to have most everyone together at one time.
     Thank you all for being patient with me and the attempt to schedule 
     this thing. The timing of Pennsic is designed for people who attend 
     universities, not for people who work at them! Trying to be completely 
     prepared for the return of students before leaving for the War makes 
     my life very interesting every year in early August!
     I hope to see you all at the War. I'm looking forward to putting faces 
     with the names that have generated so much silliness on the net this 
     year. I think that the Merry Rose is a wonderful thing and I'm really 
     glad we've had as much fun with it this year as we have. Let's keep up 
     the silliness and remember, if you're not having fun, you're doing it 
     Until next week,
     Health and Happiness to all from Deoca Yarntangler of Elvegast