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Re: Street Performances

Hi Henry!

I'm not sure how you define "DC area" - the best
place for street performing I know of regionally
is Harborplace in Baltimore.  They have an actual
schedule of street performances during the
summer - you have to audition to perform.  In
addition, the US. Department of Juggling has
received written permission to juggle on any
DC property and put out a hat.  That does not
include federal property, and members of the
USDJ who tried to juggle in front of the White
House (which is DC property) got chased off
by Secret Service.  Anyway, I'm not sure where
they typically perform, but I do know the folks
who would, so send me private email at
jlehmann@dsava.com with exactly what you're
looking for and I can probably put you in touch 
with the right info.