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Re: December Atlantia Events

More December events will pop up as time goes on. The September Acorn
is already in the mail, I thought there were more than 3....

Groups near Shenandoah County, VA are...
   Shire of Isenfir (Charlottesville/Waynesboro, VA)
   Shire of Stierbach (most of north central VA, meets in Manassas)
   isn't there a proto-incipient/embryonic group in Harrisonburg?
   Shire of Sylvan Glen (northeastern W.V. -- East Kingdom)
   Shire of Misty Highlands (Morgantown, W.V. -- East Kingdom)

Germantown MD is in Roxbury Mill, and close to Storvik, Ponte Alto,
Highland Foorde, Lochmere, Bright Hills, Dun Carraig and Stierbach.

Info for these groups should be available on the East and Atlantia Web
pages; if it's not there it should be... (I can't walk the web meself.)

Evan da Collaureo, sending greetings out to An Tir (say hi to Zenobia
if you see her) and hoping others on the Merry Rose might fill in the
holes I've left....