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Re: Ostgardr Roll of Arms

  The Viceroy of the Crown Province of Ostgardr has asked me,
  Seahorse Pursuivant, to create an illustrated Roll of Arms for
  the Crown Province of Ostgardr.

  He and I have agreed that it would be _very_ nice if it were to
  be done as though it were kept /ab initio/, with as many arms
  from past and present members of the Province as I can locate.

  I am therefore asking the following:

  If you are now or ever were a member of the Crown Province of
  Ostgardr, or of any of its Cantons (Northpass, Lion's End,
  Settmour Swamp, Iron Forest, Dona Oral, Saint Pyr's Well, Whyte
  Whey, the Dark Canton), please send me the SCA name(s) and
  coat(s) of arms you were using at the time, and the later of the
  date you came to Ostgardr or the date you assumed your arms.
  Proof of Ostgardr membership at the time would be nice, but not
  essential.  If I can solve a couple of technical problems, I will
  explain why, later.

  If you have never been a member of the Crown Province or any of
  its Cantons (or even if you have), please pass this message
  around - the wider the dissemination, the more information I will
  have, and the more complete this document will be.

  For those of you with Internet email access, you can send the
  information to me at jeff.zeitlin@execnet.com with a preferred
  subject line of "Ostgardr Roll of Arms" or "Seahorse Roll of
  Arms".  If you do not have access to Internet email, drop me a
  note - a postcard will do - with the requested information on it.
  Send it to

  Jeff Zeitlin
  305 Sixth Ave. #1D
  Pelham, NY  10803-1220058

  Attn: Roll of Arms

  Please note that except for SCAHRLDS and SCA-EAST, I do not
  subscribe to these lists (I can only read so much mail in a day),
  so I will miss any information posted back to the list.

  This has been posted to rec.org.sca, and to SCAHRLDS, SCA-EAST,
  OUTLANDS, and SCA-WEST.  I know that there are lists for
  AEthelmearc and Drachenwald, but I do not have addresses for
  them.  It would be appreciated if some kind soul who does would
  forward this to them, and to any other SCA-related lists and
  newsgroups on other networks.

  I thank you all in advance for your anticipated assistance.

Yosef, Seahorse                                   jeff.zeitlin@execnet.com