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Re: Vlad and the Tuchux

Well I believe that rumor rampant account of the events between
Vlad and the Tuchux needs some serious cleaning up.  I spent two
weeks at the war camped near Vlads.  I spent much of the wore
with a group from the Outlands who know Vlad well.  I spent a lot
of time in Vlads camp when it was closed to the general public
and came to know Vlad and Egrain better than Luther.  As some of
the Tuchux were allowed to stay so was one of Vlads camp.  AT the
time of the incident her car and husband were in Canada and
therefore she was granted a reprieve and allowed to remain
on-site.  She moved into our campsite as we had room.
Thats it why I feel pretty confident to relate a more accurate
version of the incident.

I don't really believe it was necessary for this to come under
discussion on the net, but as it has I want to set the record
straight from this angle.  

For the last 8 years Vlad has had open parties at his camp.  He
undertakes enormous personal expense in order to host the diverse
people of Pennsic.  The last 4 years he has been having
increasing trouble with the Tuchux who camp directly up the Hill
from the Pleasure Pavilion.  Over the three yeas prior to this
one, he filed over 40 seperate complaints to security about
vaious Tuchux activities.  I will not go into detail on these
incident, but suffice it to say there is a long history of
trouble between Vlad and some of the Tuchux.
        The ill will continued in various forms this year
including Chux coming down the hill and urinating into Vlads
campsite.  Tensions were such that something was bound to happen.
Historically the Cooper's are very hesitant to address the
problems with the Tuchux because many of the are local.  The
story has it, thought now legal proof exists, that at one point
the Tuchux torched a barn and have threatened to fire more
building if the land is taken or the are barred form the war.
In case I am speaking to an auduance that does not know, the
Tuchus are a group based on the Tuchux society of the 3rd book of
Gor.  The men are called Dogs and the Women are called Bitches.

        Vlad and Egrain have been together for over 10 years.
This Pennsic was there tenth anniversery and they decided to
reaffirm their vows.  I attended the hand-fating Luther spoke as
the confirmed there devotion to one another.  The do have
arguments with each other.  Egrain would be the first to admit
that she on occasion will try to beat on Vlad.  It is also true
that if Vlad ever hit back she would leave him and he know it.
Therefore he will not fight back.  
        On this particular  evening they were argueing vehemently
onthe Great Eastern highway between Vlads and  Willow Point.  It
was dark out. As the fought Egrain went to hit Vlad , missed,
losing her balance, and fell down.  A passerby mistook this for
A guy pushing a Lady into a ditch.  He clubed yhe guy over the
head with rattan.  Sir Tiberius who first arrived to break things
up swore it could have been anyone in the dark and himself did
not realize t was a TuChux until he was pulling them apart.  It
is possible that the Tuchux did not know who he was dealing with,
but to club someone with rattan seems to be rather extrem initial
intervention.  Regardless it was an unfortuant incident that
through dumb luck happened to involved people that had such an
ongoing and ugly history.
        The Coopers were swift to mete out sweeping justice
demanding both camps clear out entirely in the morning.  I
understand how feed up with the whole situation they were, but to
through out entire camps for the actions of a few specific people
seemed extrem.  On the other had, with much hostility remaining
between the camps, it might only have gotten uglier of remnants
were allowed to stay.  It became silly when Vlads and at least a
hundred volunteeres were pacing up his camp to the chants of
"Vlad beats his wife" ringing down from Tuchux Hill.  Vlad camp
was completely gone Friday morning while the Chux camp was still
there Saturday.  I have heard rumor that the Tuchix were stying
drunk so the could not drive home and other such excuses to stay,
but of the things of I have written I can least verify that.

I have no doubt left details out.  Some on purpose as the were
mostly irrelevant.  I feel comfortable that with the verision I
have related having talked to friend in the inner circle of
Vlad's camp.  What all this means for next year I cannot say. 
I certainly hope this does not spell the end of the Pleasure
Palace.  As for the Royalty of the Priciples, King Osis was
furious about the incident and King Timothy was by appearance
none to pleased either.  I no nothing of the injuries sustained
by the Tuchux, but it it likely Vlads suffered a mild concussion.

That is probably more than anyone needed to hear, but I could not
let the facts as I believe them go untold in respose to the
version previously posted.

And some oneelse just repsonded to so I fear this may be
redundent, but we shall see.

In Service of the Truth,
Lord Frithuric Ulman