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RE: Vlad and the Tuchux

A Second hand telling of Vlad's version of the story probably abbreviated
because he had to leave.  This was related to me, and several members of 
House Rozakii, and a couple of people from the Anglesea camp during the 
bridge battle
on the day after it happened.

   Vlad, of the famous "Vlads Pleasure Palace", was having a very heated
argument in the street with his new wife (they handfasted this very
Pennsic).  She started to walk away, and when she would not come back
he attempted to follow her.  She saw him walking on an injured foot, AMA, 
turned around to come back.  Vlad sez she stumbled and he helped her up.
Then he heard the guy say "Don't hit her like that".  And the lights went 
He was hit in the right occipetal-parietal area with a rattan stick FROM 
When he got up there was an angry crowd forming.   I missed the next part 
getting water.  He has filed aggravated assualt charges against the guy, 
he said was a Tuchux.  In Pennsylvania, unlike Virginia, a simple aggravated 

assault is a felony.  The Cooper insisted that Vlads Camp leave for reason's 
security and liability.  They complied.

Since both parties have filed criminal charges, I suggest you just sit 
tight, and
if you are REALLY interested, in about nine months there will be transcripts 
of the
Grand Jury investigation and so on.  Of course you will need key 
information, like the legal names of the defendents, but that shouldn't be 
too hard to come by.
Otherwise you will be wasting a lot of band width just babbling.

Richard de La Rochelle
Just Babbling