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Vlad and the Tuchux

Greetings Tavern Dwellers,

   In an attempt to avoid having to relate this Pennsic story another dozen 
times off-list I will note it here mostly because no one else has mentioned 
it yet. Multiple versions are surfacing on the Rialto.

   NOTE: This is all rumor. I will detail only components that I have found 
to be consistent among the several versions I have heard. I was not there I 
know none of the people involved. A huge grain of salt is required:


   Vlad, of the famous "Vlads Pleasure Palace", was having a very heated 
argument in the street with his new wife (they handfasted this very 
Pennsic). It is said that he struck his wife and she fell to the ground. 
Seeing this, a bystander stepped in to defend the Lady and exchanged blows 
with Vlad.

   The bystander was a Tuchux.

   The Tuchux's wife ran for help when others of Vlads Clan became involved 
and when she returned with aid her husband lie injured in the street. 
Everyone else was gone. The Tuchux was taken directly to the hospital 
believed to be suffering from internal injuries. The Leader of the Tuchux 
immediately forbid any retaliation against Vlads Household.

   Soon after, Vlads camp was gone.

   The Coopers officially asked both camps to vacate. Many of the Tuchux 
refused, the sheer size of the encampment made it almost impossible and 
when State Troopers came to escort them from the property the Troopers 
agreed that the rest of the Tuchux need not leave because individually they 
had done nothing wrong, all the involved individuals had already left. Many 
Tuchux left, disgusted, on Friday, but they still had a huge bone fire 
Friday night. Tuchux Hill was nearly vacant by Saturday afternoon.

   It has also been said that the Royalty is not happy about how the 
incident was handled. Wildfire rumors surrounding the altercation flew 
across Pennsic the rest of the war and continue and will continue into 
legend. "Live Steel" has been mentioned often. 

   I am not sure of any of this. I have heard the tale told several ways. 
We may never know what really happened. Some say Vlads wife started the 
whole thing others say the Tuchux misunderstood what was happening between 
Vlad and his wife. Who knows?


   This was my first Pennsic. I met several Tuchux and observed them on 
many occasions. My impression of them is that they are a very proud, fierce 
and honorable group and have been treated unfairly in this altercation. I 
hope to see them again on the hill next year.

   I overheard someone say, "If he had been anyone other than a Tuchux he 
would have been Knighted for Chivalry at high court."

   Who knows...

Luther                        luther@infodata.com