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Re: Vlad and the Tuchux

Greetings to the Patrons of the Merry Rose,

I will speak briefly about this topic, and hope that it will be laid to
rest. I speak with some small authority on the subject as one who was
involved this year in manning the radio base at Motorpool to relay messages
during the "parade" (more on that later). I also speak with the authority
of several years of experience in working directly with the Coopers and
the various Pennsic staffs since our household did Security for Pennsic XX.

My household has had Motorpool in its camp since PWXX, and also has maintained
radio repair and a large antenna since PWXX. The secondary large radio base
insures that radios in dead zones or with low batteries that cannot get to
the radio at Security Point, can use us as a relay station. Thus, it was that 
I was called in to duty to man the radio base at Motorpool while all the MP 
staff was out on the road leading from Troll to Tuchux Hill to keep it clear
while the "parade" was lead to Tuchux camp. I reported directly to Viscount
One and relayed messages to and from him to the other staffers who couldn't
receive him or be received by him. The "parade" of which I speak was a small
caravan consisting of Dave Cooper and two PA State Troopers, all in cars.

For some time now, the Coopers and the various 'Crats of Pennsic have had
some concerns about the Tuchux and Vlad and his Pleasure Palace, each
individually, and with respect to the growing animosity between the two
groups. I have seen altercations with the Chux and the merchants, the Chux
and the campers, and the Chux and the Coopers, and have heard of much trouble
with Vlad and the activities in his palace. This has prompted the Coopers
to lay down the edict that if any more trouble came from either camp, the
offenders would be sent off site for the entire War, if not in perpetuity.

This year, there was an altercation in Vlads camp between him, his people,
and the Chux. There was violence, and there have been many rumours as to
what that violence was. Suffice to say, one person, a Dog, was hospitalized
after being beaten rather severely by several of Vlad's people. Whether
Vlad hit his wife I cannot say, and only the transcripts of the upcoming
trials to be held in PA will shed any light at all on the actual sequence of
events. That light will be dim at best, since both parties will tell the
story from their point of view, and neither will mesh very well.

In any case, both Vlad and the Chux had been previously warned by the Coopers
to clean up their respective acts, and when this incident occured, they were
well within their rights and jurisdiction to mete out the penalty to both
groups by demanding that they leave the site.

The Chux had started a large party on the hill, and rumours again ran wild,
to the effect that the Coopers called in the State Police to escort the
offenders from the site. Since those who had been directly involved in the
incident at Vlads were already gone, no one was arrested and the police left.

The next day saw a mass exodus of the Chux and the rest of Vlad's people, 
most of whom were already gone.

I will not speculate on who was at fault, nor on who got a raw deal. These
would only be my personal opinions since I was not present when the incident
occured. I would also caution anyone else reporting to "know the facts" that
unless you were there, you are only telling, second hand or more, someone 
else's rendition of the story, and they may not have been there either. Stay
objective, and remember, the Coopers had issued warnings to both parties long
before this incident. Don't blame them for doing what they said they'd do in
such a case. We are on their site with their sufferance. If we choose to
ignore their mandates and wishes, then we must suffer the consequences. The
Chux and Vlad ignored the warnings, and have paid the price.

In service,

   Corun MacAnndra   | 	   Alright, the clown can stay, but the Ferengi
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