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Re: Vlad and the Tuchux

Greetings to all. I find it quite distressing that many people automaticaly
asume that the fault was that of the Tuchux. I feel that this might be
because of the lack of people who have been on the hill with the Tuchux. On
the hill, I have seen the Tuchux accused of raping scadian women and they
were not violent in return. If a SCAdian saw what he took to be a lady being
beat on the side of the road, would not he try to protect her. No one speaks
of the Nobility and Knight that no the Tuchux that stood on the hill to
defend their actions the day following the incident. And the Parties held in
memorial to the Tuchux on Saturday Eve. "A man see's a woman being beaten as
he walks down the road with a sword in hand." If it were you, would not you
also use the sword to defend or would you stand and wait to acertain what was
going on while thinking that the woman had been beat and would be beat again.
Food for thought. In closing, a Knight was heard as refering to the tuchux
who stepped in as a true example of chivalry.
Isn't this why we all joined in the firstplace or has chivalry truly died.


al-Aziz ibn Ahmad