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Re: SCAdians on the Road (fwd)

Elaine Gilbert wrote:
>           As a woman I make it a habit never to stop for anyone broken
>           down on the road, with one exception. I went to Pointless
>           last fall and on the Sunday evening afterwards was driving
>           on 270 to a friend's house in VA.  Right before the split I
>           saw a broken down vehicle with a gentleman in garb standing
>           behind it.  It took me a few minutes but I went to the next
>           exit, turned around, and came back to help him.  Since he
>           was in garb, it was apparent that only either a SCAdian
>           would stop.  You are right.  We need some type of
>           identification.  How about some type of banner to hang on
>           the aerial it we need help?

Uther suggested we carry a war shield to display in case of trouble.
This would serve two purposes at once; to ask for help, and also
discourage those with less than honest intentions, as even modern folk
would associate the shield with other wielded implements of war. :)

The downside to carrying a war shield is that it doesn't leave a lot
of room for other things in the car...

His other idea which I like a lot, was a banner; red with the Society
arms on it.  This is something that could be carried conveniently,
and as you say, hoisted up on the aerial in times of trouble.

Does anyone think there would be a problem with using the SCA arms
in that manner; if so, what about the Kingdom arms?