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Re: SCAdians on the Road

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, Lance Day wrote:

> I would, however, feel honor-bound to stop for anyone in the Society; 
> if I only had some way of knowing that it was a Gentle Person rather
> than a would-be robber seeking to part me from my worldly posessions
> and possibly my life.

> Is there such a Way of Knowing?

> I have seen a rather nice bumper sticker, on the back of a blue
> Cavalier in the parking lot at XDB in Columbia (Md.) that's
> black and silver, inscribed "Kingdom of Atlantia".

I am sure others have good solutions, but I've had luck in the past with 
my huge blue war shield.  There's nothing like it in the world for 
announcing that you are a scadian in need.  It might be useful to carry 
two pieces of wood so you can prop up your shield a short way down the 
road from the car.  For those without a shield, try a banner, perhaps 
red, with the society arms on it.

Oh, and hope that you're not the last one to leave the site... :)