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Re: SCAdians on the Road

On Mon, 21 Aug 1995, Lance Day wrote:

> Unto those returning from Pennsic (and all others); Greetings!
> I would, however, feel honor-bound to stop for anyone in the Society; 
> if I only had some way of knowing that it was a Gentle Person rather
> than a would-be robber seeking to part me from my worldly posessions
> and possibly my life.
> Is there such a Way of Knowing?
> Regards,
> Lance of Ripon

Been there, done that. The people in question hung an SCA banner off the 
back of the dead vehicle. I saw 'em, pulled over. At one point in the 
next hour or so, there were around 20 carloads of SCAdians in the 
pullover area, discussing how to help these people. We figured something 
out, and I wound up getting them home. Made a LONG but somewhat amusing 
war story...


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