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SCAdians on the Road

Unto those returning from Pennsic (and all others); Greetings!

Driving home last night on Rt 68/70 (alas, not from Pennsic but the
westernmost reaches of Maryland anyway), passing and being passed by
many obviously SCA-folk, I got to thinking about break-downs.

What a drag it would be to spend two weeks having a ball in the
Middle Ages, and then be roughly jarred back into the Modern era
by a dead car on your way back home.

I did see a number of people pulled over on the side of the interstate
here and there, but they weren't obviously SCA (they didn't have a
shield hanging off the back of their trailers :) ).

As a matter of general principle, being a resident of the metropolitan
areas of Bright Hills, I don't stop for someone on the side of the
road unless I know them (or they look to be in *need* of help, and
seem harmless enough).

I would, however, feel honor-bound to stop for anyone in the Society; 
if I only had some way of knowing that it was a Gentle Person rather
than a would-be robber seeking to part me from my worldly posessions
and possibly my life.

Is there such a Way of Knowing?

I have seen a rather nice bumper sticker, on the back of a blue
Cavalier in the parking lot at XDB in Columbia (Md.) that's
black and silver, inscribed "Kingdom of Atlantia".

Lance of Ripon